Lysima - the digital Standard for the next level Economy

Exchange knowhow with the modular design

The high amount of modularity allows different experts to provide their expertise in modules so other users can implement them into their procedures. Therefore connecting different producers inside an automated workflow will reduce the time to market and its costs significantly.

Automate interdisciplinary design and development

The increased automatisation can be used to solve interdisciplinary development issues and react to changes in requirements. Lysima can also help to reduce the complexity that comes with developing new products.

Create more efficient products

Adding to that, with a complete digital representation of your whole development and manufacturing process, a new potential for domain-spanning product optimization can be archived. Resulting in building better and more efficient products.

Support a global development process

While software development is characterized by a high amount of global contributions, the "hands-on" world still struggles with global collaboration. With a standardized, digital representation of real-world processes, the development process can finally evolve to the digital age.


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